Web Audits/Analytics – Heat Maps & In-depth User Analysis

Our Web Audits & In-depth User Analysis allow us to see the health of your site and what needs to be done to increase your SEO rankings.

The goal of analytic tools is to analyze data such as traffic sources, page views, bounce rate, keywords, along with much more to extract relevant and actionable information used to increase performance and results.

Your website is one of your most significant marketing tools. Do you know how it is performing? As your site developed did you get the results you expected? With analytics, you can assess what pages are getting viewed most often, what content is being clicked on, and what is not. This data can help define what types of content to develop and determine visitor layout preferences.

With our analytic web audit tools, we can generate reposts that show the overall health of your website, compare it to that of your top competitors and review keyword rankings.

Website heat-maps are also an effective method to identify banner and actionable item placement. Is a red item being clicked more often than a blue one? Heat-map data can help determine even the smallest of details and is a definable factor in what is most appealing to a viewer on your site.

Benson Design is an Analytics Company in San Antonio Texas that utilizes a variety of analytic tools to ensure continued improvement of your website, and it’s performance.

You got your site audit, now what?
We provide the following for better website performance and search engine results.

  • Google My Business Page Setup & Analytics
  • Full Website Desktop and Mobile Optimization
  • Analyze Domain and Page Authority
  • Top Keyword Performance
  • Search Engine Results for All Website Pages
  • Social Media Setup and Analysis