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Our Inbound Marketing campaigns, landings pages and sales funnels work seamlessly to give you the best ROI.

The goal of the sale funnel should be to provide a solution to a prospect’s problem. Developing relevant content about that problem or need can entice a viewer, at which point you can present the information or product to guide them to the solution thus becoming your customer.

There are three distinct stages of the sales funnel:

  1. Awareness - A prospect has found you and is aware of your offerings, but now they need to enter the funnel. Content should contain an enticing offer (lead magnet) such as ebook downloads, online quizzes, e-newsletter signups, something that prompts the viewer to see the value of your solution and provide their email address.
  2. Interest - Messaging is developed to convey your solution and create a story and is drip-fed to the prospect over time. Content needs to be consistent and relevant. Providing case studies and white papers will help you determine which leads are interested in your solution.
  3. Decision/Action - Customer reviews and testimonials are a powerful way to get the lead to take action and become a customer. Along with other strategies such as re-targeting, special offers, and continued interest building allows the visitor to build a relationship with you on their terms.

Inbound Marketing and Sales Funnels take impeccable planning, and monitoring. But such sales efforts can save significant money over traditional outbound techniques such as cold-calling, direct mail, radio or print advertisements.

Benson Design Inbound Marketing Magnet & Sales Funnel Company in San Antonio Texas knows the strategies to develop successful inbound marketing campaigns and create focus specific landing pages for your website to promote interest and action.

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