Social Media Marketing – Facebook & Youtube Ads

Using Social Media Marketing is something every company should be doing in order to attract a broader audience to their product or service.

A fantastic message used in the wrong place won’t be useful. Before getting started concentrate on knowing who you want to reach and which social media channels are best for them. Business owners may be more likely to network on Linkedin, whereas new customers might be more active on Facebook or YouTube. Identifying your audience, and which social media they prefer is the first step to effective Social Media Marketing.

Next is formulating your message, getting the reader to feel involved, and written in a manner that will resonate, is critical. You want to create a community with members that interact and engage.

Whichever social media you choose to engage, set them up with the same branding style, logos, and design themes. Doing so helps people more easily recognize your brand regardless of the platform. Always confirm that your contact pages have accurate and working content. When details are wrong, clients may not make a second attempt to reach you.

You too should be an active part of your community and be engaged in dealing with people directly on your pages, addressing concerns, answering questions, and conversing promptly. But never make complaints using your business’ profile, even if they are business related. Use a personal profile if you need to complain to a supplier - customers won’t want to see that.

Is Social Media Marketing the right decision for your company?

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